Friday, March 23, 2007

Bizquizzes Quiz 5

1."hundreds and thousands of times, for her I searched in chaos, suddenly, I turned by chance, to where the lights were waning, and there she stood."- Comment

Ans.Baidu.The above poem inspired the name Baidu.

2.Identify :(Clue:Two Hp calculators and a Van)

Ans.The prototype of Apple 1

3.His first venture was was his second.?

Ans.Napster. Sean Fanning started

4.Which bank is in talks to merge with ABN AMRO ?


5.Turkish tobacco,burley and flue-cured . Ingredients and production process of what ?

Ans.Camel Cigarettes



Ans.Party Gaming . (The above are the pics of Vikrant Bhargava,Anurag Dikshit and Ruth Parasol)

7.Which company claims to be the largest provider of systems integration, IT services and training to the US Government.

Ans.Lockheed Martin

8.Whose new startup is Revolution Health ?

Ans.Steve Case

9.Identify:Ans.SKS Microfinance

10.What was started as a project in Bomis Inc., What is it called now ?


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