Friday, March 23, 2007

Bizquizzes Quiz 5

1."hundreds and thousands of times, for her I searched in chaos, suddenly, I turned by chance, to where the lights were waning, and there she stood."- Comment

Ans.Baidu.The above poem inspired the name Baidu.

2.Identify :(Clue:Two Hp calculators and a Van)

Ans.The prototype of Apple 1

3.His first venture was was his second.?

Ans.Napster. Sean Fanning started

4.Which bank is in talks to merge with ABN AMRO ?


5.Turkish tobacco,burley and flue-cured . Ingredients and production process of what ?

Ans.Camel Cigarettes



Ans.Party Gaming . (The above are the pics of Vikrant Bhargava,Anurag Dikshit and Ruth Parasol)

7.Which company claims to be the largest provider of systems integration, IT services and training to the US Government.

Ans.Lockheed Martin

8.Whose new startup is Revolution Health ?

Ans.Steve Case

9.Identify:Ans.SKS Microfinance

10.What was started as a project in Bomis Inc., What is it called now ?


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bizquizzes Quiz 4

1.Identify this person who started a company which makes a famous Swiss product.

Ans.Karl Elsener,Victorinox

2.Who owns Kaplan,the company which publishes test preparation material ?

Ans.Washington Post

3.Who is the brand ambassador for Minute Maid in India ?

Ans.Nikhil Chinappa

4.Identify the logo (Hint: Automobiles)


5.Identify the organization :

Ans.The Church of Scientology

6.Who owns Barista and Fresh and Honest Cafe ?


7.Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky started which 2 companies which were in the same lines of business ?

Ans.Palm and Handspring

8."Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life" -This statement is the base behind which brand name ?


9.This company was originally formed by Edouard Buffard and Marcel Bich in 1945.The company name was formed by dropping a letter from one of the founders names so as to avoid inappropriate pronunciation of the brand name. what ?


10.Daffy Duck's voice and trademark lisp is modeled after which famous producer ?

Ans.Leon Schlesinger

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Bizquizzes Quiz 3

1.Madame Tussaud's has been taken over by which company from Dubai International Capital LLC ?

Ans.Blackstone Group's Merlin Entertainment

2.This company was found as Bachraj Trading Ltd on Nov 29,1945.How is it known as today ?

Ans.Bajaj Auto

3. Which companies did these two people start ?

Ans.Adobe. The People in the pic are John Warnock and Charles Geschke.

4.Which company's logo is this ?
Ans.Minitab (the company makes statistical software)

5.As the story goes, one windy summer night George Grant Blaisdell and his friend stepped out on the terrace of Pennhill Country Club.Blaisdell's friend was using an Austrian product which was cumbersome.When asked why he was using it;his friend replied "Well, George, it works!".This prompted George to import this product, and later to design an improved version. He named his product and company after an recent invention- the Zipper which was hitting the market.

What ?

Ans.Zippo Lighters

6.What is the Japanese word for the Pleiades Constellation ?


7.Which company was founded as AIKO Denki Sangyo Co., Ltd as an maker of Microphones in June 1951 ?


8.What does 'Zen' in the Maruti Zen stand for ?

Ans.Zero Engine Noise

9. Identify this person :

Ans.Josep Juran

10.TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devastanams) , which manages the Tirupati temple is said to be in talks with cell phone networks to introduce what service ?

Ans.e-Hundi service where devotees can contribute money via a mobile phone.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bizquizzes Quiz 2

1.Who is the brand ambassador for Tata Sky ?

Ans.Hritik Roshan

2.Identify this person. (Clue: Gambling)

Ans.Stanley Ho. He held monopoly of Macau's gambling industry for 35 years.His companies' income amounts to almost 1/3 of Macau's GDP. 

3.This was found by the KGB in the 1960's as a part of ingenious spy equipment with Francis Gary Powers whose U2 plane was shot over the Soviet Union while on a espionage mission.
Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly bought this product to promote its new drugs.
The sales of this product fell almost by 50% after the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001.

What are we talking about ?

Ans.Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

4.UNIX was first called UNICS (Uniplexed information and computing system). the name was incidentally changed to UNIX, what was the reason behind this ?

Ans.UNICS sounded like eunuchs, so to avoid such connotations the 'CS' was shortened to a 'X'. 

5.Which company's first product in that specific category was called the ' Master System' ?

Ans.Sega.Their first gaming console was called that.

6.Identify :

Ans.The Blue Origin project sponsored by Jeff Bezos.

7.This guy created a product that is revolutionizing the web.Identify him and his product.

Ans.Evan Williams of Pyra Labs.He formed Pyra along with Meg Hourihan.Pyra created Blogger.

8.Connect : Sea Wolf,Enigma,Valhalla,Psyche,Shrike

Ans.All are names of Red Hat Linux releases.Shrike is the latest release.

9.In February 1918 a German engineer named Arthur Scherbius filed for a patent for this product.later a company called Chiffriermaschinen AG was granted licence to make this product which would give Germany and enormous advantage in World War II.Name the product.

Ans.The Enigma Cipher machine.

10. Identify this guy.

Ans.Jerry Sanders of AMD.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bizquizzes Quiz 1

1.Connect these three men ...

Ans.Philips. Anton and Gerard Philips (2nd and 3rd pic above) started Philips.Karl Marx was their cousin.He incidentally contributed some of the seed captial needed to start the company.

2. What does the DS in the Nintendo DS game console denote ?

Ans.Dual Screen

3.This man's work led to a revolution in audio technology ,Identify him .

Ans.Lars Liljeryd.His pioneering work led to Mp3 and AAC technologies.

4.His grandfather had to sell his Samurai status in obligation of debts.He left for Edo at the age of 19 to fulfill his ambitions.He finally managed to get back his family's Samurai status with the wages he earned.He obtained trading rights for Tsukumo Trading Company , which changed its name to the present one following the Meiji Restoration. Who ?

Ans.Yataro Iwasaki, Founder of Mitsubishi

5.Which company currently owns the brands Gucci,Yves Saint Laurent,Yves Saint Laurent, and Stella McCartney ?

Ans.PPR (was previously known as Pinault-Printemps-Redoute)

6.In 1968 the French Company Boussois Souchon-Neuvese, which was into glass making made a bid to take over its rival Compagnie de Saint-Gobain.The company lost the bid, but this made the company to diversify into a totally unrelated area. The company is a market leader in its new business.Name the company ?


7.Identify the person and the company he co-founded:

Ans.Hasso Plattner, SAP AG.

8.This animation piece had 3 firsts to its credit, and it revolutionized the animation industry. In what aspects was this movie a pioneer in ?
Ans.The above animated piece was part of Fantasia.

  • The movie used stereophonic sound for the first time in animated movies.Incidentally HP's first product was used to provide the sound effects
  • The movie was an attempt to visually interpret western classical music using animation.The soundtrack featured music from composers like Tchaikovsky.
  • This was the first animated film to feature Mickey with 'round' eyes to convey more expression.Mickeys image was revamped to improve sagging revenue from movies starring him.

9.In 1998 a french hacker named Jerome Rota and a German hacker Max Morice decide to reverse engineer a Microsoft codec. Their work in this led Rota to start working on what would become a standard in this field. what product did he help develop ?


10.This Barbie Doll was modeled on a famous lady who pioneered something. who and what ?

Ans.P.F.E Albee. She pioneered direct selling and was the first saleswoman to sell Avon products.

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